RainbowFlash 2010

!!! Rainbow Flashmob 2010 took place around the World!!!

On May 17th, 2010 gays and lesbians, bisexual and transgender people, their parents and children, friends and peers in many cities around the world let the colorful baloons fly in the sky as a symbolic move to combat homophobia. On this very day 20 years ago the World Health Organization after many years of research excluded homosexuality from the list of mental disorders.



Brno ‎(Czech Republic)‎

LGBT in Brno staged a symbolic funeral of homophobia in the center of the city. 

Arkhangelsk (Russia)

Almaty (Kazakhstan)

Probably the first LGBT steet action in Kazakhstan!
Today.Kz,  Vesti.KzРассказ

Mönchengladbach (Germany)‎‎

"We are just two couples from Mönchengladbach (Germany) but we think we had the most wonderful bunch of rainbow-balloons in the world!"


Kherson ‎‎(Ukraine)‎‎

So, the time is now! We tied our cards with messages against homophobia and transphobia to balloons and at 19.00 one, two, three – we joined people all over the world and let our six rainbow balloons fly!

Dresden ‎(Germany)‎


Krasnodar (Russia)

КомсомолкаЖивая Кубань

Kemerovo (Russia)

Gay people with their friends walk in procession through Kemerovo for respect and against homophobia.

Volgograd ‎(Russia)‎

Cosenza (Italy)

Cheboksary ‎(Russia)‎

Petrozavodsk (Russia)

Kazan (Russia)

Saint Petersburg ‎(Russia)‎

Over 150 gathered together in St. Petersburg to let colorful balloons fly in the sky, symbolizing their dream of a world free of hate and homophobia. 
Rainbow Flashmob took place despite the numerous threats received by organizers from ultra right groups, which have been planning disruption of the event and an attack on its participants in the course of the last month. 
See the RainbowFlash-VIDEO from Petersburg!

Ivanovo (Russia)

Rostov on Don ‎(Russia)‎

Novosibirsk (Russia)


Berlin ‎‎(Germany)‎‎

Wuerzburg (Germany)

Chelyabinsk (Russia)

Saratov (Russia)

Surgut (Russia)

Yaroslavl (Russia)

Tyumen ‎(Russia)‎

Hamburg ‎(Germany)‎

About 700 people in Hamburg protest against homophobia and celebrate Mai 17th!
2010lab.tv, l-mag.de (+VIDEO), VIDEO(russian/german)

Yerevan (Armenia)

This year PINK Armenia joined the international RainbowFlash event - we organized a flashmob with balloons with the support of our friends. Colorful balloons flied in the sky as a symbolic move to combat hate, ignorance and intolerance.

Omsk (Russia)


Helsinki ‎‎(Finland)‎‎

300 balloons against homophobia over Helsinki!
Video with a lot personal messages!

Ryazan (Russia)

Colors against Homophobia. 

Moscow (Russia)

Эхо Москвы
Private Flashmob: OneTwoThree

Voronezh ‎(Russia)‎


Tomsk (Russia)

Nizhnij Novgorod (Russia)

Murmansk (Russia)

Kaliningrad (Russia)

Perm' (Russia)

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